Virtual Reality Casino UK 2019 – Best VR Casino Guide

Gaming sites have already elevated online gambling to an art through the quality of graphics, gameplay and features, and allowed players the ability to play casino games from the comfort of their own homes. Up to this point, players have played these online casino games through an interface: their computer, tablet or phone.

Today, though still an infant in the world of online gaming, players now have the opportunity to immerse themselves in what feels like a real casino, through what is known as online VR casinos. The improved technology allows players to transport themselves to the flashy world of casino life. If you want to know more, read our VR casino guide to find out what it’s all about.

What is a Virtual Reality Casino?

The 21st century has brought huge advancements in virtual reality technology, or VR. Until recently it was something for the elite, but the technology has improved so rapidly that VR has even made its way into the home of the everyday working man, through a number of reasonably-priced headsets and plug-and-play functionality.

While a number of players choose to play fighting games and first-person shooter games, among others, the casino has also made its way into VR and hence the birth of the VR casino. Guides to other casino can be found on this site if prefer that.

As a result of the increased technology in the area, online VR casinos have improved their technology to such an extent that online players can enter a VR casino, play games mirroring real ones, speak to other players in the VR casino through in-game chatting features, be offered drinks and even light up cigars during game play – all virtually of course.

The success of live casinos has proved that there is a market for a more interactive online casino experience, and the virtual casino is the next step on the path to truly immersive gameplay.

What Types of Games Can be Played in VR Casino?

Once you’ve popped your VR headset on, and walked into your online VR casino (all while still in your pyjamas at home), you probably want to start trying to get those online VR casino winnings.

The goal of a VR casino is to provide the full experience, with some extra augmentation which would not be possible in either a physical casino or via a regular online portal. Blackjack, roulette, poker, craps and slots, you name it and it will be available in most online VR casinos.

Some VR casinos sites have a limited number of games, often focusing on one type, to offer players improved quality. 

What do You Need to Play VR Casino?

Just like you can play any other type of game in a VR modality using a special headset, VR casino can be played in pretty much the same way. The technology behind VR combines 3D rather than 2D graphics, with a display spanning the whole 360º, allowing you to virtually walk around a simulated casino space.

The beauty of VR casino is that while you may be at home with friends, when hooked up to your VR headset, you feel like you have been transported to a completely different environment. Some of the best online VR casino sites have been designed in such a way that you can ‘touch’ the tables and machines you are playing and even have conversations with other patrons at the poker or craps table.

Some online VR casinos do not even require players to have purchased a headset, but are simply an application which can be downloaded from a website, installed on a player´s computer or gaming device, and the gaming can begin. A lot of online VR casinos currently in operation also offer 24-hour live support, which means that should a player have any issue during the immersive experience, he or she would be helped immediately. 

The Bottom Line – Winning Big in VR Casino

The casino is virtual, but the VR casino winnings are real. Playing at online VR casino tables can earn its players big bucks, just like it would in a normal casino. The interactive experience allows players to walk up to games tables and machines and try their luck.

In the world of online gaming, there have always existed two parallel casinos, the entertainment casino and the real money casino. When walking into the VR entertainment casino, one can play for fun on a variety of casino type games, but the lack of buy-in means that the winnings, like the casino, are virtual. Other online VR casinos are real money casinos, where users play for cash and can potentially make a tidy profit.

VR casino has huge potential for customers, with the casino experience only limited by the imagination of the developer. It may be in its early stages, but we can expect big things from VR casinos in the years to come.