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Combining the best of both strategy and chance, roulette is generally played either the European or American way. This casino game gets its name from the French term ‘little wheel’. Players have a choice of betting on single numbers, groups of numbers, odd or even numbers, low numbers (1-18) or high ones (19-36).

Also, they can place bets on either colour: red or black. It may also surprise you to know that the numbers on the roulette wheel (0-36) add up to 666 – ‘The Number of the Beast’. Legend has it that Francois Blanc made a pact with the devil for discovering the secret of roulette. It is one of the favourite games of the visitors on Casino Wizard.

18+ | T&C's Apply
50 Spins
£650 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
999 Spins
£500 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
200 Spins
£400 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
66 Spins
£4 000 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
200 Spins
£600 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
111 Spins
£998 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
3 Spins
£200 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
22 Spins
£222 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
200 Spins
£100 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
20 Spins
£100 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
£1 500 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
150 Spins
18+ | T&C's Apply
110 Spins
18+ | T&C's Apply
£50 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
£300 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
200 Spins
£1 200 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
120 Spins
£7 000 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
£203 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
£3 200 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
300 Spins
£1 000 Max Bonus

Roulette – American Vs European Vs French

In American roulette, the players have to contend with ‘zero’ and ‘double zero’; the wheel contains 38 coloured and numbered pockets. Conversely, European roulette has only ‘zero’ and does not contain ‘double zero’; the wheel has 37 pockets.

Any roulette guide will also contain another variation of the game, in addition to the European and American styles, known as French roulette. French and European roulette are quite similar; the table consists of the same number of pockets.

The main difference between the two is that the French variant exercises the ‘La Partage’ rule where the players only lose half of their stake if the ball settles on ‘zero’.

Roulette – The Basics of Online Casino Games

Roulette can be played online, on mobiles and in casinos. The elements of the roulette game include the roulette ball, betting table, wheel and gaming chips. In a casino, you will have a croupier; whereas, in online roulette, the role of the croupier is automated. If you are opting to play roulette online, there are several roulette sites usually as a part of an online casino. You can also search for the best roulette online resources on the internet to get familiar with the winning strategies and tactics.

The objective of roulette is to predict on which numbered pocket the ball ends up after the wheel has stopped rotating. Players are required to place their chips on the numbers or colours as seen on the gaming table. Where roulette is concerned, players place bets against the house rather than other participants.

Online roulette simulators aim to emulate the real table and wheel, some being more sophisticated in look than others. Players place their virtual chips on the table, and the wheel simulator spins. For the most authentic experience, try a live online casino, where the physical wheels are spun by live dealers.

Roulette – House Advantage and How to Beat It

Roulette rules are meant to give the house an advantage. You can also gain an edge by exploiting the tricks for increasing your roulette winnings.

Experts suggest not opting for American roulette. The double zero in this game variant offers the house an added advantage. As a result, there are higher chances of players losing their money if they opt for the American-type as compared to its European counterpart. The addition of an extra pocket for a double zero in the American style gives the casinos the greater edge.

Where American Roulette is concerned, the house edge is pegged at 5.26%; in European Roulette, it is known to be 2.7%.

Roulette – Different Kinds of Bets

In Roulette, players have the option of placing ‘inside bets’ and ‘outside bets’. The former are those played on the numbered sequences of the table grid, with the inclusion of intersections. On the other hand, external bets consist of those played outside of the grid, which could include the evens, odds, blacks or reds.

Inside Bets Players can place bets on the inner numbered and coloured boxes of the game table.

Straight Ups: Any single number can be bet upon

Splits: Bets are split into 2 numbers positioned horizontally or vertically adjacent to each other

Streets: Bets include 3 numbers appearing consecutively such as 7-8-9

Corners: Includes 4 numbers that are seen on the corners

Bases: Bets entail 1, 2, 3 and zeroes

Lines: Involves 6 numbers in 2 rows

Trios: Bets involve zero and 2 other numbers

First Fours / Baskets: Bets can be placed on 0-1-2-3

Columns: Spans 12 numbers appearing in a column

Dozens: Sequences of 1-12, 13-24, 25-36 can be betted upon

Outside Bets

Bets are played on the outer boxes of the roulette table.

Lows: Bets are placed within the range 1-18

Highs: Includes bets on numbers 19-36

Reds or Blacks: The ball should settle on any number of the selected colour

Evens or Odds: The winning number has to be in the chosen category

Dozens: You can bet between 1 to 12, 13 to 24, 25 to 26

Columns: Players can place bets on the vertical domains and if the ball lands in the chosen column they win

Give Roulette a Spin

With its glamorous image and fun gameplay, roulette is a table game that everybody should try at least once. The good news is, there are plenty of online roulette simulators where you can practise for free before moving on to real money games.