Online Lottery UK 2019 – Find the Best Lottery Websites

Online lotteries are a relatively new addition to the gambling world, and are opening up new possibilities to players that were not available through offline lotteries. As opposed to the offline variety, online lotteries offer players the easy opportunity of winning money directly from home by buying a ticket online.

With offline lotteries, players need to visit a retailer who is a participant in the lottery, fill out a ticket slip with their details, pay and then wait for the results to be drawn from the lot, generally on a televised programme. The main difference between online and offline lotteries is essentially where you buy tickets from. It is a good alternative to uk no deposit casino.

18+ | T&C's Apply
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

50 Spins
£650 Max Bonus
18+ | T&C's Apply
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

200 Spins
£1 000 Max Bonus

Online Lotteries – The Full Story

Online lotteries are, up to a certain point, more convenient because you can purchase a ticket online from any device. However, there are some restrictions online which do not apply to offline lotteries. Offline lottery retailers might need to ask for identification to make sure that you are of legal age.

This varies in different countries, so you would need to inquire at your local lottery retailer for the legal age to participate in a lottery. Online lotteries have a few more hoops to jump through, which can be slightly more complicated. 

Playing the Lottery Online 2018

Any online lottery site needs to validate your identity before it is legally permitted to sell you a ticket. As this is an online transaction, it naturally takes a bit longer than just flashing you driver’s license to a cashier. With online lotteries, users need to register for an account before being able to purchase a ticket; this includes your full name, address, as well as your payment provider details in order to process a payment for a ticket.

Once these conditions have been met, however, an online lottery provides a significant advantage to players when it comes to security and assurances. Once you have an account, everything is on record. With offline lotteries, you are only given a physical ticket and, in the event that this is lost, it’s very hard to prove that you had the ticket. All those lottery winnings could disappear before your eyes – your winning numbers came up, but the dog ate the ticket and you have no evidence.

Claiming the prize would be inconceivable. In the case of an online lottery, such a scenario is equally inconceivable, due to the digital records. In addition, winners of online lotteries generally get their prize transferred to their account automatically within 24 hours of winning. The exception to this is when you win the jackpot or other larger prizes. This requires you to claim your prize in person, the same as with an offline lottery, but if you’ve won the jackpot you’d hardly be complaining.

As with all online games, betting sites and casinos, online lotteries offer the convenience of playing at any time, in any place. Online lotteries also allow you to select randomised numbers by clicking a button. This feature will usually be found on online lotteries referred to as something like the “Lucky Dip”.

Where to Play Lottery Online

Previously, lottery players were restricted to playing the lotteries available in their own countries. One new concept has allowed online lottery players to participate in lotteries from around the world.

Through such portals, players in the UK and Australia can bet on the outcome of the US Powerball – with jackpots regularly in the multi-millions – and Euromillions lotteries are now open to participants from outside Europe. This is made possible through a process by which players choose the numbers and this is placed as a bet. Should the numbers come up, the winning jackpot will be paid out in full. 

Online Lottery Winnings and How to Claim it

Lottery winnings can be easily in the millions, and jackpots can even hit up to a billion or more in very lucky cases. If your ticket happens to win, you need to trust your chosen lottery site to cash in for you and pass your winnings to you, so choose carefully and gamble only on trusted websites with reviews from other players.

Your chosen lottery website handles your winnings depending on your chosen payment method and depending on the size of your win. Generally, winnings under $500 are transferred directly to your account; winnings up to $5,000 are usually handled via check, while anything over $50,000 will usually require you to claim it in person. 

Online Lottery Guide for UK Players

Our online lottery guide will help you to decide where to try your luck, with advice on which games to go for and how to win bigger payouts by choosing rarer numbers. One example is to choose numbers over 31, as many people choose birth dates as lucky numbers.

We’ll help you to opt for trusted websites, but always remember to read the FAQs and terms and conditions when playing for money online. Although the odds may be against you, the potential winnings from a lottery could be life-changing, and with such a low buy-in, there’s really no reason not to take a chance.