Online Bingo UK 2019 – Find the Best Games for Bingo Online

Today’s bingo games are predominantly based upon a 1920’s version of a western European lottery game. It is likely that bingo still holds the same excitement for players as it did then. In fact, an evening out at the bingo hall is still a very popular and much-loved occasion for people all over the world.

It is a game of chance, a lottery where numbers are pulled at random and called to an audience. The audience members hold a number of cards, upon which there can be any combination of numbers typically ranging from 0-90. As numbers are called, players place a token upon the respective number shown on their card. The goal is dependent upon the bingo variation, but the ‘original’ game required players to line up 5 tokens and call “Bingo”. 

18+ | T&C's Apply
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

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£1 000 Max Bonus

The History & Development of Bingo

The game of bingo that has been popularised may have its origins in Western European games, but it was formally patented in the United States. Since becoming widespread, bingo has become a staple of American culture. Churches hold bingo nights; somewhat ironically, some may think, due to other forms of gambling being frowned upon by many.

However, bingo nights are commonly charity events and family-oriented. Variations of bingo have come about which have since gained more popularity outside of the US. This site will act as a guide to the best online bingo sites, and what the various features are for each. Find more games at Casinowizard no deposit casino.

Play on the Go – Mobile Online Bingo

Online gameplay has expanded the horizons for bingo fans who want to get involved in gameplay, but maybe don’t have time to go down to a bingo hall. Bingo halls are like casinos that are specifically bingo-oriented.

These halls hold the audience of players, all of whom are technically competing against one another to be the first to satisfy the requirements to score and earn winnings. Online bingo has replicated the bingo halls’ social aspect by including chat rooms, where bingo players can communicate with one another. Players may play ‘chat games’ in the chat room, facilitated by a moderator.

Online sites offering bingo provide players with options for filling the space of time between numbers being called. The aforementioned chat games add to the social aspect of the online game, and they can be played easily without the worry of missing out, since tokens will automatically be placed as the corresponding number is called. You still need to pay attention though – if you get a winning combination and fail to announce it, you won’t get anything.

Pick the Right Online Bingo Site

Different games are played depending on the chat game ticket the player purchases. The chat games offer an extra way to win on the side. For instance, there is a chat game which involves the player calling their birthday date and month, done by entering it into the chat forum. Once their birthday day and month have been called they must ‘shout’ the corresponding keyword and repeat their birthday. The moderator would then ensure they are rewarded accordingly.

Slots are also available for side play in online bingo games. In fact, the majority of casino games offered alongside bingo are slot machines, which require less maintenance than some other casino games. Online bingo is more of a passive game than its live counterpart, ideal for one who is ‘on-the-go’. Gamers can download apps which provide the same services on a mobile platform. 

Bingo in Numbers

Bingo has split into a number of variations, all of which have individual rules for how the player may win. The fundamental idea behind bingo is that a number will be called, and that number must be matched by a number on their card or cards before they can place a token.

Some games require players to score 4-5 tokens in a single line across their cards. Other versions of the game allow for this, with a follow-up winner filling a card with tokens. It is even possible to play bingo in which players are eliminated during gameplay. Bingo players have a number of options for online sites offering bingo variations.

Our online guides offer bingo advice, including links to casinos offering the many options for gameplay. Any good bingo sites will include a section to describe the fundamentals of bingo gameplay. They will list variations of bingo gameplay, typically outlining the main draw to that particular variation. Winnings are supplemented by chat games and side slot machines. For anyone competent at multi-tasking, big bingo winnings are waiting to be claimed.

Why Play Bingo Online?

Bingo is a casual game which does not require strategy beyond a player choosing their cards. It holds potential to be a social sport and pastime, in both bingo halls and online portals. What with the chat games, slots machines, and bingo variations, players can navigate gameplay through various levels of involvement and entertainment.