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The Kentucky Derby Race

Kentucky Derby is an annual horse race held every May at the Churchill Downs, Louisville, in the American state of Kentucky. It is one of the most well-known horse races in the world. The inaugural race was held 143 years ago in 1875, after being established by Col. Meriwether Lewis Clark Jr when he visited and was inspired by The Derby horserace in Epsom, England. Kentucky Derby is a race for 3-year-old thoroughbreds that run a distance of one and a quarter mile (2.0km), with this continuous exciting event being known in sports as the "fastest two minutes" together with its long history.The track has many fascinating records over its long history. A horse named Secretariat set the track record back in 1973 with a winning time of 1:59 minutes, a record that is hard to beat. To this date, only 3 horses have ever completed the race in under two minutes. The greatest margin of victory was a staggering 8 lengths, which happened in 4 separate races between 1914 to 1946. The record for the longest shot to win the race came in 1913 by a horse named Donerail, who overcame odds of 91 to 1 to be crowned a winner.How much is the race generating?The race generates a huge attendance at Churchill Downs, with more than 157, 000 attending the racetrack. Additionally, millions of people from around the world tune in to watch on television, in online racetracks and online bookmakers. Every year, vast sums of money are wagered on the race and from around the world, with $209.2 million wagered in 2017, which was a 9% increase from the previous year. One lucky lady from Texas won an incredible $1.2 million from an $18 bet after she wagered a pick 5 bet on choosing the winners of 5 races at Churchill Downs, with 8-12 odds.The winning purse is comprised of a guaranteed $2 million and is split between the races top five finishers. Justify, the winner of the 2018 race, won his owners just over two-thirds of the purse that comprises of $1.24 million in prize money. The second, third, fourth and fifth finishing horses take home around $400,000, $200,000, $100,000 and $60,000 respectively. Owners of winning horses can make vast sums of money off the race track from stud fees, with winning stallions commanding a $200,000-$300,000 fee per cover, potentially earning them tens of millions of dollars. Racing is a lucrative business, indeed.

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Return to Player (RTP) Explained

If you are an online gambler for casino games, then you have come across the "Return to Player (RTP)" term. RTP tells you of how high games payout percentage turns out to be, that is any money that will be given back to players from slot machines over time. It’s mostly expressed in terms of percentages, and the higher it is the more chances of winning over a longer period. Still, on that, you should be aware that every slot contains its own RTP as it is for all other online casinos based on the total average value of return to player percentages for all games found in their platforms.Players should keep in mind that Return to Player is a theoretical statistical calculation which should not, in any way, be taken literally. This is because there will always be huge wins such as jackpots and also huge losses so the number will definitely not apply in this case. Otherwise, the return to a player will indicate the game in question or the average estimation. Among many other reasons, RTP is one of the main factors which many casino players put more focus on when choosing an online casino to hit the slots. Most people betting online will definitely go for the high RTPs.How RTP can vary in different casinosOften players wonder if there is a correlation between RTP and Win Frequency. It is good to note that RTPs at times can be misleading, and this is because the RTP does not tell you how frequent you can expect to win. For instance, an online slot with an RTP of 96% will probably have a winning chance of ten spins average on a low frequency of payouts, while on the other hand, an RTP of 96% could have one win in every three spins on average. In short, slots with lower win frequencies pay out bigger sums once in a while as compared to slots with higher win frequencies.While trying to comprehend casino game statistics, it’s important to note that these figures are based on hundreds of events. The significant bit is that they are governed by random number generators, thus, making them subject to chance. The outcome is always arbitrary and unbiased. A great online casino myth is when you hear people saying that an online slot pays out at regular intervals. Note that every single spin is totally independent and the chances of winning are exactly the same each time you play the game, even if you had hit a jackpot you could hit it again moments later in the next spin and vice versa applies.

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Casino Hold'em: Rules & Game Play

Casino Hold’em, also called Caribbean Hold’em, is a variant of the poker game Texas Hold’em. Having rules that are similar to Texas Hold’em, Casino Hold’em is the first form of poker where the player plays the dealer, not other players. Other differences are minor, such as an additional bet and a payoff scale. Initially introduced by Stephen Au-Yeung in 2000, the game originated with Au-Yeung wanting a way to train his then partner to play Texas Hold’em. He tweaked the game, first introducing it to live casinos in Egypt, South Africa and Russia. It is now available in both land-based and online casinos. Do you want to find free bonuses with no deposit casinos? Then you have come to the right place. The game is played with a standard 52-card deck and follows the standard poker hand rankings. Card strength goes from highest to lowest, but in some cases the Ace can be the lowest. Casino Hold’em starts with the player placing an Ante bet, followed by two cards dealt to the player facing up, two cards dealt to the dealer facing down and three flop cards facing up. The player now evaluates the cards and has to choose whether to fold or raise. Folding ends the round and forfeits the Ante bet. Choosing to raise, is to set a bet equivalent to twice the Ante, dealing two final flop cards.Rules & Game PlayThe dealer reveals his cards, comparing hands with the player. Dealer fails to qualify if he does not have a Pair of Fours or better, returning the call bet and the Ante bet paid according to the payoff: Royal Flush - hundred:one, Straight Flush - twenty:one, Four of a Kind - ten:one, Full House - three:one, Flush - two:one and Straight or Weaker - one:one. If the dealer qualifies and beats the player’s hand, all bets are lost. If the dealer qualifies but the player’s hand is stronger, the Ante bet is paid according to the aforementioned payoff, with the call bet paid one:one. If both hands tie, all bets are returned to the player. The game offers a side bet called the AA Bonus, which is independent to the result of the game itself. Player might lose the game, yet win the AA Bonus or vice versa. The AA Bonus consists of determining the poker value of the player’s two cards and the first three flop cards. The AA payoff is: Royal Flush - hundred:one, Straight Flush - fifty:one, Four of a Kind - forty:one, Full House - thirty:one, Flush - twenty:one and Pair of Aces to Straight - one:one. House edge in Casino Hold’em varies from place to place, but is on average between 2% and 2.5%. This excludes the side bet, since it works independently.

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Bet Calculator

Online betting is currently one of the most popular forms of gambling. However, there is a dilemma when calculating your total potential earnings. All gamblers will agree that you can make a mistake when adding the total odds and thus end up making a wrong decision. The introduction of a Bet Calculator simplifies the processing work for bettors. A basic Bet calculator breaks down bets into two main categories; the Stake - the amount of cash you are willing to risk, and the payout - the potential amount you will receive if your bet succeeds. Here we are going explore more about the bet calculator. We list all the best no deposit casinos at our site! Most gamblers, both experienced and novices, are conversant with the 'single bet' where you place only one bet. It is the simplest form of betting and does not require a Bet Calculator. However, bettors can combine different bets into 'multiple bets.' These can be double, treble or more bets combined into one. In these cases, you will need a Bet Calculator to improve your accuracy. However, you must understand that to win on multiple bets you need to win each individual, single bet. A Bet Calculator is most useful for those new bettors who are yet to fully understand the rules of betting.What Bet Calculators are available?There are different types of Bet Calculators available. A basic calculator operates in a very simple way. All you need is to do is to enter the stake, then select the type of bet. You then need to enter the odds, which may be in decimals or fractions. With some calculators, you will have to set the terms of the bet. The last step is to press the calculator button and you are good to go. A basic calculator will display the outlay, returns, and profit. The underlying algorithms in the calculator will calculate an accurate answer. It takes only a few seconds to display everything you need. The use of a Bet Calculator has many advantages. First, it gives the gambler the ability to alternate the stakes and see different possible outcomes of various investments. In some cases, a Bet Calculator is available as a free app which can run on different operating systems. The only drawback is that most Bet Calculators require internet connectivity and thus are not suitable for people without access. To sum up, we have discussed the basis of the Bet Calculator. It is the best choice for gamblers since they can instantly calculate the possible outcomes of their bets. All you need to do is understand the basic principles. all the best!

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Deuces Wild Poker

Have you ever played Deuces Wild Poker? We find this game to be highly interactive, with it being played using the normal 52 cards. You can play it free online or, if you wish, you can download it and play offline. You have a choice of getting into real money mode if you wish so. At we list all the casinos that have poker. We see Deuces Wild Poker as a combination of good old luck and some strategy, which you can find which ones will work for you best. It calls for you to know which cards to hold, and then hope that the cards being dealt are the ones needed to win big.You will notice that Deuces Wild Poker plays out in a manner similar to any typical video poker machine. Set a bet, select the coin size to determine how many coins you desire to wager, and the game is on. You then click on the deal button to have the game application deal you with an initial hand of cards. Next, you are required to decide which cards you are willing to keep, and which ones can be removed. Another exciting feature of this game is that you can play it wherever as long as you have it downloaded on your mobile device.The development of Deuces Wild PokerDeuces Wild video poker seems to be among the most popular game around the world. You will probably like the key feature that makes this game distinctive, enjoyable and addictive to play - the twos or deuces are "wild" that can be regarded as another card. You can substitute your two to other cards to win. Mastering Deuces Wild Poker is relatively easy and can prove to be lucrative. This game, therefore, affords a thrilling experience of playing a video poker game on any device available. You can sharpen your strategy and track performance before you head to a real casino.Most players find it mentally stimulating and engaging, and it makes you want to play on and on. The game is fun and a great way to spend free time. Some see it as a very good form of entertainment that prepares one for real casino games. Deuces Wild offers players the opportunity to gain an edge over the house because it builds the capability of making logically correct decisions. It enables you to avoid reliance on hunches, common sense or intuition. However, some players have expressed frustration relating to their inability to play on some mobile devices because of difficulties with installation.

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Latest Updates from the iGaming Industry

Are you a dedicated punter or casual gambler? Regardless of your experience level, staying updated on what’s going on in the gambling industry is important. We don’t want you to miss any bit of breaking news across the globe. We offer up-to-date information on everything from the latest game releases right through to the current projects and casino openings.  You can always get the best bonuses at To ensure that you don't miss out on a useful tidbit of information, we recommend you check out our page on a regular basis; who knows what useful tips and surprise bonus offers we will have for you each day! As a budding player, you're always on the lookout for the latest big win, so with that in mind, we suggest you check out Mega Fortune Dreams. Last month, a British player was made that much richer by earning a whopping £4 million on NetEnt's popular slot.  The player staked a meager 80p on the slot earning the surprise cash, all from the UK-based site, Fighting a bout of insomnia, the Brit had decided to give the slot a spin, not expecting such a lucrative outcome. Check out your favourite site for Mega Fortune Dreams as the prize is sure to drop again soon.What games are trending? If you're looking for a new slot to get your hands on, you’re in luck. Just this week Wazdan just dropped their Black Hawk Deluxe slot game. This is yet another fully immersive offering from this growing brand and is the sequel to the already successful Black Hawk slot. Set in a creepy castle and sat on four reels and three rows, this slot adds to the drama of reel spinning with a suitably spine-chilling soundtrack and a myriad of lightning bolts, flying Black Hawks and lurking ghosts. Behind all the stunning graphics lies an exceptional gameplay and 54 ways to win, making this a potentially lucrative option. Finally, at the end of the month is an event you should be keeping your eyes on - the Malta Gaming Awards. One of the biggest award ceremonies in the iGaming industry, the Malta Gaming Awards rewards those that have provided exceptional gameplay, high levels of security and just generally been great and seen improvements within the year. Why should you pay attention though? Well, only the very best get these accolades so it's worth seeing who the top dogs are so that you can make better decisions when you are looking where and what to play in your online gaming quest.

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How to Choose the Best Online Casino to Play At

Without a doubt, online casinos are now the most popular form of gambling. This is because they allow people to gamble in the comforts of their own homes or wherever they happen to be. There are many different online casinos available on the market, which makes it pretty difficult to choose the best casino for you, especially if you happen to be a beginner. Some casinos fail to live up to their expectations, and your final choice will strongly influence whether you have a pleasant gaming experience. Below, we will discuss the different factors that should be considered before choosing a casino to play at. Security - This is one of the most essential aspects to look at as it involves your hard-earned money. Before you choose a casino, you need to make sure that it offers you maximum protection and fairness when handling your payments and withdrawals. It can be tricky for an average customer to determine whether a site is safe to play at or not, but if it has extremely poor reviews, lacks audit information, and has no license on display, then avoid it like the plague. Furthermore, most secure sites have https:// and a padlock symbol before their names in the toolbar.What more can be looked at?Available Promotions & Bonuses - The ability to offer different hefty bonuses help a casino stand out from its competition. If a casino offers up VIP bonuses, sign-up bonuses, weekend bonuses, and/or refer-a-friend bonuses, you should consider signing up to it. However, before you do, we advise that you read all the terms and conditions regarding their bonuses. In other words, you should not jump into a casino just because it has the highest bonus scheme. This is because a lot of them will entice you in with a huge sign-up bonus, only to trap you with their high wagering requirements. In this case, the bonus will not make sense. Customer Service - Casinos that have 24/7 customer support are great as you can address any problems that may arise no matter what the time is. There is no doubt that excellent customer service leads to a high level of satisfaction. The ability to answer technical questions quickly and with courtesy helps a casino to stand out from the competition. Therefore, to sum up, these are just some of the factors that you should consider when it comes to selecting your perfect casino. If you follow these tips, there is no doubt that you will end up having a great casino experience.

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Gamification at Online Casinos

Gamification is a concept that is comprised of two parts: activities and rewards. Whilst this concept is nothing new at traditional casinos, it has become an important strategy that allows online casinos to better attract, engage with and retain players. The basic premise of gamification is to take an activity such as a slot game and create lots of engaging game elements within that activity. At you can find all the best casinos with gamification in UK. The objective is to produce more reward opportunities within the game for the player, which for the online casino translates to more times the game is played and ultimately, the more bets placed by the player. Online casinos use gamification in multiple ways to enhance player happenings across the whole online experience. This includes elements from inside the games themselves to new ways of engaging with players across the casino's website. Loyalty and bonus schemes have proven successful tools in helping to ensure that people keep on coming back to the site, similar to the use of loyalty cards in retailers to drive consumer behaviour. This concept works well with online casinos, the more rewards or loyalty points offered to players, the more motivated they are to keep returning to the online casino site and less likely to go to a competitor's site.How can players benefit?But how do players benefit from gamification? Is it only a one-sided sneaky strategy to maximise online casino profits? Or does the concept truly enhance the player experience? The fact is that players enjoy the added features and efforts made by incorporating reward opportunities in-game and they seem to benefit in a rather unexpected way for an online activity: the additional interaction with other players. Online gaming has now provided a platform whereby people from across the globe can interact and compete with one another from the comforts of their home. A side-effect of the additional interaction with fellow gamers is site loyalty. This aspect of gamification generates a sense of online community in players. This community may grow as players are incentivised to refer their friends to the site, earning those rewards and recognition whilst increasing the number of the player base for the casino. An additional method of enhancing a sense of community is by organising gaming tournaments amongst players and posting result scores on leaderboards, further driving competitiveness through playing on the human psyche. Players want to improve, be recognized, and understand their skill level in a game but above all, they mostly want to win and will keep on chasing this goal until they do.

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A Guide to Live Sports Betting

Live sports betting is a real-time betting option that allows you to place a bet in real time. With the new technology, bookmakers are able to provide live betting and therefore, punters are able to continue placing their bets online and to receive payment on winnings even as the game goes on.  With live betting, there is a possibility of a bigger number of outcomes that you can analyse with odds that keep on fluctuating, as provided by the bookmakers. This only serves to make the betting experience or watching the sports more exciting. The punters also benefit greatly as they understand the game better. As a beginner, you need to realise that the live betting dynamics can be quite different from those of the pre-game betting. There are a lot more factors that you need to analyse. This means that live betting tends to favour the people who have a good understanding of the sports as well as the various sides that are taking part. Therefore, live sports betting are more suitable for people who understand the sport well and the different sides taking part. To be successful in live betting, you need to focus on a sport of which you have a good understanding. Use a calendar to mark the games that you are most confident of the outcome. Remember to factor enough time prior to the start so that you can learn of any factor that may affect the outcome. Avoid spreading your bets across a variety of sports. In live betting, you will need to devote a lot of your time on a particular bet if you will improve your chances of winning. Ensure that you can easily concentrate on the game. Stay focused as you pick the small details that are likely to affect the outcome. For instance, has a player been red carded? One of the factors that have always affected the odds is the momentum swing. For instance, when a team takes a lead, it is more likely to grow in its confidence. This is also likely to happen when a team plays in a more supportive atmosphere. On the other hand, a team that has been going through a losing streak is likely to lose their confidence and can lead to a more hostile atmosphere. With live betting, momentum will occur on a faster scale in a single game when there is an early goal or the star player is injured.

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Tips on How to Succeed in Sports Betting

One of the reasons why the majority of sports enthusiasts love sports betting is that not only is it fun but it provides them with an opportunity to make money. However, if you are a beginner, you do not have to rush to make a wager. While sports betting may appear simple, it can be a bit difficult to make everything right as you start out. When you approach things in the wrong way, you are likely to get frustrated by sports betting. The good news is that there are some steps that you can use to be successful in this game. First, you need to understand that you will win some and lose some. Even when you have some vague knowledge of sports betting, you can still make a correct prediction. However, a majority of people still lose their money. You can often get no-deposit bonuses in sports betting. Therefore, you need to realise that you are more likely to lose than win. A common reason why people begin betting on sports is that they believe they can rely on their sports knowledge to win. This is wrong as making money in sports betting requires more than just knowledge of the sport. There is a lot more that is needed to succeed in sports betting. While it is good to have a long-term goal of making some good money, you need to also be realistic and ensure that you have set goals that are achievable. Your early goal should be to learn more and ensure that you keep on improving. After getting some experience, you can now begin to set some more complex goals. You should learn the basics before you can begin placing wagers. This can help to put you in a better position that will help you to enjoy your sports betting. Understanding the basics alone will not be enough to make a profit for you. Remember that no matter the amount of money you will have or your short-term goal, you need to have a budget. Bear in mind that losing money is a far more common outcome than winning. You will, therefore, need to determine how much money you are ready to lose and set a weekly, monthly or even annual budget. Since no one’s money is infinite, you will need to manage your money to some extent. Only use the disposable money to gamble. Avoid gambling with money that is needed for something else. When you start doing that, you will begin to lose control of the gambling habit.

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What is a Maximum Bet?

The term maximum bet refers to the upper limit on the amount of money that a player can go to when placing a bet. The limit is set by the house and a number of factors come in to play when setting the limit for the maximum bet amount.  For example, if a casino wants to attract small-scale customers, it will set the maximum bet low. This is so that the minimum bet will be around a single figure, and even the maximum bet will not be much. It is to attract a class of players who are in it just for fun. However, some big online casinos with no deposit bonuses will want to attract the 'high-rollers'. They will then place a maximum bet that will entice players of high caliber to play. At the same time, it will increase the reputation of the club amongst serious big-time players.  The downside to setting a high maximum bet limit is that you run the risk of somebody getting lucky and winning the jackpot. When that happens, casino owners stand to lose the profit for that year. Normally, they would want to avoid such a scenario. When placing a maximum bet, owners have to decide between attracting high clientele and losing year-end profits. There are specific tables within a gambling joint that allows players to make high limit bets. There are certain rules placed on joining such tables. The reason for that is that even the owners of these places have a decision to make.  They can go with low limits which would increase their earnings through craps tables etc. Or they can increase their stature by having high limit tables. But the averages as compared to low limits are less, and the risk of losing it all on one lucky strike is high. This is what separates the small casinos from the ones with deep pockets. In short, the maximum bet is determined by a number of factors, and it is basically a ploy to attract customers. It is a subtle strategy to set the price on attracting clients. It uses principles of psychology to gauge what would attract a potential customer.  The amount that a casino chooses to set is in turn determined by the stature and reputation of the place. Additionally, it is also based on its existing reserves and the amount of risk it is willing to take. Traditionally, the bigger the place, the larger the maximum bet limit. Conversely, a small-town casino would generally not have a high maximum bet.

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Mega Moolah Reaches New Record Levels!

The progressive slot machine Mega Moolah is once again approaching a record amount, meaning that the jackpot is ready to fall out anytime now. The biggest jackpot from Mega Moolah was £13,2 million, and the jackpot went to a player from London in October 2015. Mega Moolah is actually registered in the Guinness Book of Records! The bigger the jackpot grows, the greater the chance is that it will soon fall out. Are you in search of a big win? Then you have a golden opportunity to play Mega Moolah right now. Perhaps you will become the lucky winner.Progressive Jackpot GamesFew casino games have had bigger jackpots than Mega Moolah, after all, it is a record holder since 2015. This jackpot game has been developed by Microgaming and comes with a safari-based theme featuring moody symbols with lions, zebras, giraffes and baboons. The lion is a wild that replaces all other symbols to facilitate winning combinations. You can win the jackpot if you reach the bonus game. There are three different jackpots; mini, minor and mega. The jackpot you aim for is of course mega, which holds the biggest amount. Many players choose to play Mega Moolah at Multilotto. At the moment, you can actually get a really good start if you choose to play at Multilotto, as you get free spins without any deposit required.

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Tough Future for Game Shops that are Offering Pachinko Games in Japan

The land-based casino game Pachinko is extremely popular in Japan and it has a turnover of over $200 billion per year. The game resembles a classic pinball game and you can play it in around 10 500 game shops around Japan. Historically, this game is the world's most successful game in the casino industry. But the future looks gloomier. The game has fallen in popularity in the recent years and it is mainly due to two things. That the customers grow older and there are much more stricter rules on the market. Another reason for the downturn is that Japan has selected certain locations in the country that have the potential for a wide variety of casino games in casino centres. Players then have access to more fun games and more and more players choose not to play Pachinko.What does the future of Pachinko hold?There are also new rules and regulations all the time that is aimed at reducing gaming on this particular game. The reason why they want to reduce gambling is due to the fact that it is a very time-consuming game while many Japanese people have lost everything they own at Pachinko. Another new rule that the Japanese state has launched contributes to the owners of this game having to pay significantly more taxes while giving out more winnings to the players. While it becomes significantly less profitable for the owners of these games, one is now afraid that this new rule may have the opposite effect. If the players win more money on these games, then they may play even more. The future is, at least, unclear, but many indicate that the online casino market can have a very nice future in the country.

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Play on the Prince's Name

Great Britain has a very popular royal house and Prince William got his third child yesterday together with his famous wife Kate. They had a little boy and now that the child's gender is revealed. Now many casinos offer bonuses to bet on this.The name question remains and “Arthur” seems most likely if we take a look at the odds. Unfortunately, some rumours have arisen that that the boy child will be baptized to Arthur, but it is still unconfirmed. Here is the list over the most likely names of the boy; Arthur, Albert, Philip and Alexander.What are the favourites?In Britain, we are one of the few countries that still have a royal house. It is not only the name of prince Williams son that you can bet on. You can also bet on when prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle will become parents. You can also bet on the gender and the name of the future baby.If you are politically motivated, you can also bet on whether or not President Donald Trump will join the wedding. We can reveal to you that you can find sky-high odds on that game at several betting companies.

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We have the Latest News and the Best Tips!

Today new and exciting casino games are developed in an ever-increasing speed. All of the new games are completely integrated for mobile devices. In addition to the new games, new casinos are being launched each month all over the world. It’s simply an industry that is developing and moving incredibly fast right now, which can make it difficult to keep up with as a player when it comes to stay informed about what’s happening.

Why should you stay updated with news?

It’s easy to get caught by playing at the same casinos and slot machines as you always do. The simple reason behind this is probably that you don’t have time to test all casinos and their games. It’s clear that it’s good to test out many different casinos before you make a decision to start playing at just one. By reading casino news here, you will always have good and independent information that hopefully will help you at your casino adventure!

On this page we offer the best news in the industry about licenses, games, providers and payment methods. Of course, we also write about online casinos. The page is updated regularly, and we have a wide variety in our news reporting. You can also comment all of our news through your facebook account. Please write to us if you have any feedback or tips regarding our news section.

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