Live Dealer Casino Games UK – Best Guide to Live Casino UK 2019

When the option of playing casino games online first became available, many people were sceptical that the theory would prove to be either practical or enjoyable. After all, how can a game on a screen compare to the exhilarating and glamorous ambience of a real-life casino? Many scoffed that this was a pale imitation of the real thing, and were convinced that it would never catch on.

Fast-forward to today, and those who doubted the concept have clearly been proved wrong. Online casino games are wildly popular, and there is no sign of the market slowing down. Recently, it seems that we have come full circle; now online players can experience something almost identical to playing in a land-based casino. Welcome to our guide to the best live casino, where players can truly get the best of both worlds. 

18+ | T&C's Apply
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

150 Spins
£1 200 Max Bonus

Why are Live Casino Games So Popular?

In many online table games, such as poker, artificial intelligence is used by the online casinos to play the game; the algorithms created within the program simulate the playing of a real person. For some, playing these sorts of games against a computer takes some of the shine off, and of course there’s no bluffing in a poker game if your opponent is a robot. Find out more at Casinowizard no deposit casino uk.

Live casino sites are different. Here there is a dealer running the game, against whom the player is playing, along with other participants all playing live at the same time. The thrill of the casino has returned, without the need to leave home. We don’t all have a land-based casino nearby, so for an authentic table game, online live casino has been a welcome addition for many keen casino game players.

Variety of Live Casino Games Online

There are numerous different types of live casino games, and if you shop around you will find that all the traditional table games, such as poker, baccarat and roulette, can be played live somewhere online. It’s even possible to play keno live on some sites, so you get the thrill of the draw.

Each game has its own dealer who runs and oversees the game in real time, exactly the same as in a land-based casino. Most live casinos offer a chat option, so it’s possible to interact with the dealer and in some cases even leave tips. Online live casinos are exclusive – dealers are there just for you and the other online participants, and they run the games from special studios.

This means that the only way to play with these dealers is via the online portal. The personal touch means that many who have tried a live casino out of interest, found that they never looked back. For many players, live casino winnings are simply sweeter than beating a machine.

Live Casino: Is it for You?

There are many reasons why people may prefer to play live casino games online, as opposed to playing in a land-based casino or playing online casino games. The first is clearly convenience. If you are a big casino fan, but find playing online a little lacklustre, live casino is the perfect way to scratch your casino itch at a time and place that suits you. Another plus is the sense of community that comes with playing live.

In a brick-and-mortar casino, socialising is all part of the fun, and this is practically non-existent when playing online casino games. Live casino brings this aspect back, and the interaction with the dealer and with other players is a big part of the appeal. Conversely, for those players who are too shy to venture into a physical casino, but still want the experience, live casino games can be the perfect compromise.

Finally, if you work unsociable hours, you might feel that you miss out on all the fun. There are live casinos that run 24/7, so there’s no need to feel left out of the action. And let’s face it, there are plenty of times that we’d rather be in our pyjamas than our glad-rags, but that won’t get in the way of playing a few hands in an online casino live table game.

Live Casino: On the Up – The Future is Bright

The addition of live casino games to the catalogue of online casinos is relatively recent, but has proved extremely popular with customers. As technology advances and video chat interfaces become more stable, the live casino experience will only get better and better.

Online casinos offering live games may have an edge on the competition when it comes to attracting and keeping new customers, so expect that even more online casinos in the future will start providing this service as part of their online games library.

Look no further than this site for information on which online casinos have live dealers and games, which games they offer and where players are permitted to participate from. If you want to find live casino online, you’ve come to the right place.