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Keno is a lottery game originating from China, where many years ago it was used to raise funds for large projects like building the Great Wall. At the time it was preferable to use this type of lottery system to generate funds rather than a taxation system.

People saw this new way of funding as more favourable because they could choose the amount of money to put in, rather than being dictated to by the state. Play no deposit casino uk and get started.

18+ | T&C's Apply
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

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18+ | T&C's Apply
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

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18+ | T&C's Apply
18+ | T&C's Apply

18+ | T&C's Apply

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History of Keno Games

It being on a voluntary basis, and with the chance of winning some money, meant that people were more willing to up their stakes and increase their financial support. The game of Keno was originally called Baige Pao which means white pigeons, after the birds which used to carry lottery results to far away villages.

In the 1800s Chinese immigrants brought their labour skills to the West for the building of the Transcontinental Railroad, and whilst on the boat Baige Pao or Keno was their choice of entertainment. When they arrived in the West they also brought the game with them.

In the 1900s the game was commercialised and continued to grow in popularity, and in 1951 its name officially became Keno and it was cemented in society into the game which is played today.

How to Play Keno Online UK

The simple rules of the games are what have kept the game alive throughout the years and made it easy for it to be handed down through generations. The game is a game of numbers and is based on the figures from 1-80 of which all have the same probability of being chosen.

The player has a playing card similar in style to a bingo card with the numbers laid out and from this card they pick their numbers up to a maximum of 20. The act of players choosing numbers effectively means that the players are betting on the probability of these numbers being chosen at random. The numbers used to be printed on balls which were put into a machine much like the lottery machines that are used today.

The machine would then pick out balls randomly and if these numbers matched the ones that the player had picked then the player would win prizes. The game is still played in a similar manner today, however the evolution of technology means that today, random number generators instead of ball machines can be used. This enables players to play online from wherever they are in the world and from the comfort of their own home. 

The Finer Points of Playing Keno Online

Spots are the name given to the numbers and the keno winnings will clearly differ based on how many spots are picked. The name given to the keno gameplay is ‘the race’ and if a player’s number is picked this is called ‘catching the spot’. As well as betting on the numbers, a player can place a wager on their ticket which equates to this amount of money being placed on each race.

Just like in any gambling game there are different types of players in the game of Keno. In other popular casino games there exist ‘tight’ and ‘loose’ players, and much the same can be said of players of Keno. There are players who place lower wagers on their tickets and therefore bet on more spots and races.

The reverse of this tactic is to place higher wagers on their tickets, but then bet on fewer spots and races. To maximise winnings, some players advise adopting the former tactic, which could see more sustained keno winnings, in smaller increments and with less risk. Placing higher wagers on fewer spots and races is for those who want to increase the thrill factor.

Why Play Keno Online?

Compared to other casino games, keno is relatively simple to pick up, and, with its easy odds of winning it has become a popular game for beginners and more advanced gamblers alike. Every casino will offer a different amount for different levels of payouts so it’s always best to research the online casino site you’re using to check these out in advance.

It is worth noting that the payouts from land-based casinos will differ to the payouts of online casinos. As with all online casino games, it is worth trying out a few different casinos to see which one suits best.

Keno is a game that suits all abilities of players and it certainly seems a good way to start in the world of online casinos. The probability factor of the game increases mental agility and prepares players for the more tactical casino games that are available. 

Where to Find the Best Online Keno

Search this site for the best online keno sites. We provide details on the different casinos providing keno games, and our keno guide will help you find a site which suits you. Here you can find information about payout, bonuses and incentives, payment and withdrawal options and customer support services.