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Fantasy Sports Online – Best UK Guide to Daily Fantasy 2019

Fantasy Sports are types of games where participants create virtual teams of real professional sports players, most commonly football players. These days, they are usually played online. Fantasy sports is a mix of skill and luck, because the virtual team competes based on the statistics of the real player’s performance in a game.

Therefore, in this type of sport, the player shouldn’t assemble the virtual team on a random basis, but rather through an in-depth knowledge of the statistical success of real players. What’s fun about Fantasy Sports is that although it is not a risk-free game, it lets you try out your skills as a fantasy football or other sports manager.

While it is not technically considered a form of gambling, because it requires skill and knowledge of that particular sport, there is still an element of risk because you are taking a chance and any event at any time can alter the game and its outcome. 

Where and When Can You Play Fantasy Sports?

There are a growing number of online fantasy sports sites where you can play, and it can even be played offline with friends or colleagues. In fact, fantasy sports leagues are often created by co-workers in offices with a pooled entry fee, where the winner takes the pot. The traditional version requires the players to wait an entire sports season to know who won.

Daily fantasy sports, on the other hand, is a bit different in that it is played online and works quite differently because results are announced every day; this way, you can know your fantasy sports winnings, if any, every day. Other games can be learned about in Casinowizard´s guide to no deposit casino bonus uk.

How do You Play Fantasy Sports?

Playing Fantasy Sports online is simple if you follow a set of simple steps. Taking fantasy football as an example, your first step is to join a public league. There also exist private leagues, but these require an invitation from a member in order to play. Familiarise yourself with your chosen league and, more importantly, with its rules. Choose carefully and with thought, especially if you’re playing for money.

Next, you need to assemble your team. As a player of fantasy sports, you must be familiar with the winning patterns of the players. You select real-life players, so choose according to how that player performs in reality. The score of the virtual game is calculated using the results of real sport events. Research each player to pre-rank your players accordingly.

When the season of your choice, for example, the FIFA World Cup, begins, the real teams play against each other each week and so do your fantasy teams in your league. The real player’s scores are transferred to your fantasy league’s points by your league provider. At the end of each week, the fantasy team with most points takes the win for that week. The fantasy team who wins the most games each week makes it to the playoffs.

Best Fantasy Sports Games Online

Popular Fantasy Sports games online include Daily Fantasy Sports, Fantasy Auto Racing, and Fantasy Basketball, amongst many others. You can find a simulated sport for practically any real sport of your choice, from football (the most popular), to golf and even cricket.

How Can You Win Playing Fantasy Sports in the UK?

Playing fantasy sports is easy once you know what you’re doing in terms of assembling the best fantasy sports team that you can; the challenge comes when you’re competing with other competitors fighting for the championship. Although your fantasy team’s score depends on real players’ statistical performances, you as a fantasy sports owner are still in total control of your team.

For example, if you think one of your chosen players isn’t good enough, you can remove that player from your team. You’re also in control to replace a player who, for example, gets injured, with a healthy player. One other thing you can do to build a strong fantasy team is to trade players with other fantasy owners to your advantage.

There is only one winner at the end of a fantasy season and the last team standing may win a trophy or even better, a cash prize. The top remaining teams with the most games won will face each other in a single-elimination tournament and the last team standing will win the league championship.

With daily fantasy sports, there’s no need to wait. The payouts can be smaller, but there are more chances to win.

Online Guide to Fantasy Sports

Our guide to playing fantasy sports online will advise you on which games to go for and which sites are the most trusted. However, always remember to do your research before selecting your team members, to read the rules when joining an online league and the FAQs of the website when you’re playing for real money. While fantasy sports might be lesser known than other online games like slots, it is a growing industry with potentially huge payouts to be won.