E-Sports Betting Online – Best Guide to UK e-sports 2019

The leaps and bounds technology has made over the last few decades have led to the emergence of what is now known as E-sports.

The beauty of E-sports, is that just like traditional sports, the variety of games is incredible, and players of all abilities can take part when playing online E-sports. 

What are E-Sports?

In simple terms, E-sports are video games played competitively online, often in professional leagues all over the world. An advantage of E-sports is that it is not limited to one type of video game, but encompasses a wide range of sub-genres.

For example, the ever-popular first-person shooter type games, combat or fighting games, and games requiring real-time strategies all fall under the wide umbrella of online video games available to the general public today. Read about it in Casinowizard no deposit casino bonus uk.

Becoming an E-Sports Athlete

Following the advances made in the areas near and dear to the world of video games, such as improved graphics and overall quality of the games, the potential E-sports winnings have increased due to a large number of tournaments taking place on a worldwide level. The Evolution Championship Series, the League of Legends World Championship, the International and the Intel Extreme Masters are a few of the best E-sports tournaments taking place during the year, and which offer big bucks prize money to the winners.

So lucrative is the world of international E-sports tournaments, a number of gamers have taken up the sport as full-time professionals. League of Legends, Dota 2, the Call of Duty franchise, Overwatch and StarCraft are games which offer participants the opportunity to be in with a chance of big winnings, by taking part in an E-sports tournament.

In fact, there has been a conscious effort to shift and shape the world of E-sports to one which more closely resembles the North American professional sports model, where teams have to increase their standings within divisions, and actively participate in games over a pre-defined season.

This dream may become a reality in the near future as Blizzard Entertainment will be inaugurating their Overwatch league, where twelve teams will fight for the top spot, starting January 2018. Players on these teams will no longer be considered online E-sports part-timers, but rather official professionals, earning an annual salary for their participation, as well as a share of the total potential winnings, which in the first edition of the league will be a sum of over $3 million dollars. 

Let’s Talk Numbers: E-Sporting Statistics

The world of E-sports online is by no means a small one, in 2015 alone it was believed that over 200 million people from all over the world were involved in the world of E-sports, the majority being spectators, which generated over $300 million dollars that year alone, through sponsorship, advertising, prize funds and e-Sports betting.

Sadly though, the number of women participating in E-sports online is rather low when compared to their male counterparts, with only 15% of online E-sports participants being female. 

The History of E-Sports

While it is true that E-sports have become more and more popular over the last few decades, the birth of online E-sports came way back in 1972 when students attending Stanford University took part in a Spacewar tournament, where a groovy prize was up for grabs. Eight years later, in 1980, E-sports made the step from relatively unknown to mainstream, when Atari held the first Space Invaders Championship, where over 10,000 people from all over the U.S. participated in the first ever sizable national video gaming tournament.

The number of E-sports tournaments has grown to include around 260 national and international online E-sports tournaments. Today, these E-sports tournaments have increased to incredible numbers. For example, the Wii Games Summer, hosted by Nintendo in 2010, boasted almost half a million participants in the month-long event.

The creators of the video game Halo started the Halo Championship Series where the E-sports winnings for the victorious teams were as high as $50,000. The highest prize pool yet came in 2017, when The International awarded a total of more than $24 million.

Watching E-Sports Today

The problem of how to watch E-sports was solved with the introduction of online streaming services. Prior to sites like Twitch arriving on the scene, various TV stations tried showing E-sports, with varying levels of success. Many new casinos have it in their range of games.

The streaming sites offer viewers an experience more in line with the nature of the game, and this is reflected in the viewing numbers, which reach into the millions for big events. Amateur E-sports players can also make their own live streams in the hopes of getting viewers and even sponsorship.