Online Casino Games 2018 – Guide to UK Gambling Games

The best casino games for you are not necessarily the best casino games for everyone else. The difference is not only down to personalities and approaches to gaming, but also because of factors such as skill levels, game theme, and the possible winnings for every game. In this casino games guide, rather than naming names, we will outline factors through which you can choose games that will fit you regardless of the titles.

The Game Developers on the UK Casino Market

There are two classes of game developers in casino gaming. The first class is the established game developers who have been in the game for over five years. Typically, these developers have hundreds to thousands of titles to choose from. Many online casinos rely on these developers for the provision of games, as most casinos do not have the expertise or manpower for game development.

The second class is the smaller, upcoming game developers. These are typically smaller teams of programmers who are creating games. They only have a few titles to their names and will typically be carried by only a few casinos.

The best games, from the development point of view, are those from the established game providers. One reason for this is that the established game developers have bigger teams with more experience. That translates into better gameplay and, crucially, better support should anything go wrong. The gaming experience on those from established builders will likely be better than that from smaller developers, because of the amount of time that the bigger developers have for testing and tweaking.

Find your Favourite Game on UK Casino

The second reason you are better off playing games from the big developer is updates. The big developer has many casinos that carry their games. They make enough money from the game to afford to continue improving the game. Updates are important, especially if you want to play the same game on a different device. A big developer can optimise a game for mobile phone gaming, one which was originally made for PC, without losing the magic or functionality of the game.

The last reason why the best casino games are those from the big developers is availability of games in different casinos. Big developers have their games on almost all main online casinos. That means you do not have you stay with one casino in order to enjoy a certain game; if the casino is not a good fit for you then you can change your casino without having to go and start testing for new games. That allows players to keep growing their skills in the games they like, thereby leading to better opportunities for winning money.

Cross-Platform Compatibility for UK Casino

The best casino games are those that can be played across different platform or devices. If the game you choose can only be played on a PC, for example, you will be missing out on the gaming when you have some time but no access to a PC. A good game is one where you can play on any of your internet-enabled devices, because it allows you to enjoy the game whenever you like.

Also, cross-platform compatible games allow the gambler to pause gaming on one machine and continue on another, as long as he or she is logged into the casino. That makes it possible to retain progress.

Cross-platform compatibility is also important when a player changes his or her device. An example would be when a person decides to move from iOS to Android. That person might wish to continue playing the same games as he was when on an Apple device now that he is on Android. If the game is not compatible is both operating systems, then the player is forced to either learn new games or wait until he can access an Apple device to enjoy his or her gaming.  

New vs Old Games on Casinos Online

There is no harm in trying new things. However, the best casino games for any player are the game that he or she already knows how to play. With these games the player understands the rules, the winning moves, the losing risks, and when to stop. The player is in control and, since gambling requires the ability to be restrained, it is only logical that a player would want to maintain a handle on things.

That said, older games get updated, and every casino has different rules regardless of the game. A player needs to keep looking out for updates and changes so as not to get caught out. The intention for every gamer must be enjoyment, and not losing money. If a player goes on a losing streak after an update, it may be that the game has changed in some unforeseen way. If this happens, either stop playing that game or stake very low until the game can be re-learned.

Bonuses are the ideal way to try out new and unfamiliar games without risking your own money. If you’re an existing customer, and you have already used any welcome offers, look for bonus codes online.

Entertainment Value from Games

The best games will always be those that the player enjoys, regardless of winning. If there is no entertainment along the way, then gaming stops being fun and starts to feel like work. To find out the games one enjoys the most, a player needs time and an open mind. A good way to cut the time it takes to find an enjoyable game is to look at what kind of games one played in the past.

Players who enjoy classic casino games such as blackjack may find that they would like to branch out and challenge themselves with poker. Players who come from a later era, where more graphics-heavy games are common, will tend to enjoy the huge range of online slot games.

This guide is in no way comprehensive; it scratches the surface. However, these are useful factors that can help one decide between the thousands of casino games that are available today.

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