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Aliens - Slot Review

We have completely fallen for the Aliens Video Slot. We are very sure that you will love it too. You can win a lot of money at the jackpot at this game. In addition, the gameplay is really awesome.


Graphics & Theme

We cannot find a more cool slot machine than Aliens. Science Fiction and thriller in a space environment, combined with incredibly cool bonus rounds in FPS (First Person Shooter) perspective! You start at a base and then run into Aliens of different levels of ugliness. Aliens slot has an absolutely amazing theme! You can always get great no deposit bonuses at Casinowizard. Just like in the graphics, NetEnt has really managed to transfer the feeling from Aliens movie to Aliens's slot through. World-class.

Symbols & Gameplay

The wild symbols in the Alien slot are incredibly simple, it's simply a big W and it's a wild symbol. Simpler and clearer, it will hardly be. The theme in this game comes from the movie “Aliens”.

Play with your mobile device

Aliens slots in the mobile NetEnt has really been spinning on its mobile development, the so-called Touch platform and where you just had to wait several weeks ago for a mobile version of a new slot, they're released at the same time. That means, of course, that you can already enjoy Alien slots on your mobile, whether you have an iPhone or Android. Tablets like the iPad are obviously nice too!


What about the actual gameplay then? If you have played some computer games you will recognize the structure, as it is about getting to the next level as often as possible. To enter the bonus rounds, you have to go from regular game mode - The Search, to the first bonus round - The Encounter.


You do this by collecting symbols in an Alien Activity meter at the top of the game console. Each time you win, you collect symbols in the activity gauge, the greater the profit for more symbols. As you approach The Encounter, you hear the pulse increase in the background, which is really effective and you get a little faster pulse!


Once inside The Encounter, it's about killing as many Aliens as possible and not getting rid of ammo. You meet initially smaller and easier Aliens, but as you get longer you run on big, ugly Aliens. There really is no way to stop the ammo. If you get it, Bonus Round 1, The Encounter, is over.


Do you go far enough in Aliens slot bonus round The Encounter, you will end up to the last level - The Hive! Once inside the The Hive Bonus Round, it takes to take cabbage on the queen. This is done by throwing grenades into the estate (The Hive). Depending on chance, you will meet different good and the better the match, the more bonus money. It all sounds harder than it is but well inside it's very intuitive and you get the gallop right fast! Of course, the best thing is to test yourself!

Aliens Summary

The film Alien came in 1979 and made a real boost to Sigourney Weaver's career. It was one of the first films ever with a female action hero in focus.


Aliens slots in the mobile The best tip we can give you when playing Alien slot is to turn off the lamp, raise the volume and just enjoy. Alien slot is a bandit that has a good balance between paying out quite often but also big winnings in the bonus rounds. Already in the first test session we entered 3 bonus rounds, one of which was the way to The Hive and won really nice money. We choose to play Alien slot for slightly higher bets than we usually drive on other bandits, to maximize the winnings in the bonus rounds that actually appear quite often!